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Free Drain Camera Inspection

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Blocked Drain Plumber Sydney

We supply free second opinion drain camera inspections for the following circumstances.

  • A Plumber has told you tree roots cannot be removed - Many Plumbers will tell you this for the purpose of up selling you an expensive drainage repair.

  • A Plumber has told you that your drains are damaged and need renewing or relining - Many Plumbers are fishing for more profitable drainage repairs and renewals. Unless the damage to your drain is severe or extensive most problem drains can be maintained regularly at a much lower cost instead of spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on drainage repairs.

  • You have had a blocked drain cleared by a Plumber and you have recurring blockages within 6 months - Many Plumbers deliberately do not clear drains properly so the drain will block up more frequently for the purpose of up selling expensive drainage repairs. ​

  • You have had a blocked sewer line under a public road or footpath and a Plumber has told you he will need to excavate and renew the drain - Many Plumbers will tell you this for their own financial gain rather than informing you about Sydney Waters Collapsed Private Services In Public Land Program.

  • You have had a tree root blockage within the last 12 – 24 months and want to inspect the drain for signs of tree root regrowth to prevent future blockages - Once tree root intrusions have been cut and removed from your drains the tree roots will grow back over time causing recurring tree root blockages. Checking your drains for tree root regrowth regularly and dealing with it if needed before your drain blocks again by trimming the regrowth back to keep drains flowing is more prudent, less disruptive, less stressful, and more cost effective for the homeowner and less challenging for the Plumber than simply letting the drain problem develop into another difficult and time-consuming full-blown tree root blockage.

What’s included?

  • Self-leveling colour CCTV drain camera inspection system with 12” monitor

  • Licenced Plumber, Drainer, and business owner with 45 years of experience

  • Up to 30 minutes of drain inspection and advice

What’s not included?

  • Video recording

  • Pipe or fault location

  • Drain clearing

What are the conditions?

  • Drain camera inspection must be carried out via existing accessible outdoor cleanouts

  • Only residential sewer or stormwater drains

Where do we supply free drain camera inspections?

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