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Blocked drains Sydney Plumber NSW

Blocked Drain Plumber Sydney

Unblocking Drains Is Our Business

A Local North Shore Business Working For North Shore Locals

Blocked Drain Plumber Sydney 60 years

Blocked Drains Sydney

Blocked Sewer Plumbers Sydney

DRAINS 'R' US are your one stop blocked drain Sydney Plumbers near you. We supply professional sewer line and stormwater drain hydro jet cleaning, CCTV drain inspection, pipe and drain location, maintenance, repair and diagnostic drainage services for residential homeowners in Sydney. With over 60 years of local knowledge and experience we can manage everything from a simple fixture blockage to a blocked sewer line causing sewage overflows, the toughest tree root blockage, drain repairs using sectional, inversion or UV pipe relining, robotic cutting, drainage excavation or regular preventive drain maintenance to extend the life of your existing pipes to keep your drains flowing and everything in between.​

Sydney Blocked Drain Plumber Near You

We understand the importance of resolving plumbing issues quickly and correctly. That is why, when you call us, we will provide our blocked drains service with an experienced fully licensed and insured Plumber and Drainer with over 45 years of knowledge and expertise in clearing blocked stormwater drains and unblocking sewer pipes and wastewater drainage systems using the very latest in high-pressure water jet drain cleaning, electronic drain and fault locating, and CCTV drain camera inspection technology.

What Are the Signs of Blocked Drains in Sydney?

A blocked sewer line can lead to various plumbing issues and potentially cause significant structural damage to your sewer pipes and other areas of your home if not addressed promptly. Here are several above ground signs or symptoms of a blocked sewer line underground. Slow Draining Fixtures: If you notice a single fixture in your home, such as a sink, toilet, bath, laundry tub or shower draining slowly or seems to be backing up and other fixtures around your home appear clear, it can be a sign of a sewer line blockage in the fixture pipe or the fixtures branch drain. Many fixture blockages caused by backed-up waste material can be cleared with a plunger. Gurgling Noises: Water may also gurgle as it drains due to air being trapped or compressed inside your sewer pipes behind a blockage. Sewer drains with proper venting that are working correctly do not gurgle. Gurgling noises can be a precursor to a bigger problem, not attending to a gurgling drain can lead to other drainage issues. Unpleasant Odours: Sewer odours can simply be caused by a dry fixture, floor waste or gully trap in which case you can fix this yourself by filling the dry trap with water, once the trap has been filled with water the bad sewer smell will stop. Sewer odours can also be caused by a blocked sewer line which leads to foul odours emanating from your drains. These unpleasant odours can be caused by the trapped sewage and wastewater in your sewer pipes. Bad sewer smells can also be associated with gurgling noises coming from your drains. Toilet Issues: Frequent toilet clogs or difficulty flushing can be indicative of a sewer line blockage. You might notice the water level in the toilet bowl either rising higher than usual, sucking the water seal out of the toilet bowl or flushing inadequately leaving waste behind in the toilet bowel. This could be a localised waste blockage in the toilets trap or branch drain that may be cleared with a plunger or could also be a more substantial blockage further down the sewer line in the main drain.  Multiple Drain Problems: If you experience issues or symptoms in multiple areas of your home, including both upper and lower levels, it suggests a problem in your main drain that runs between your house and the Sydney Water Sewer Main Line. This is especially concerning if you have tried to clear individual fixture pipes or branch drains without success. Backups and Overflows: Sewer line blockages can lead to sewage backups and overflows both inside and outside your home. This can result in dirty sewer water, solid waste, facies, or toilet paper coming back up through fixtures inside your home, like floor waste drains, bathtubs, showers, and toilet drains and outside through boundary shafts, vents, inspection openings, sewer shafts, cleanouts, and overflow relief gullies. If sewer is backing up or overflowing anywhere on your property you have a full-blown sewer blockage which could be simply caused by backed-up waste material or something more concerning like tree root intrusions, foreign objects, or a damaged or collapsed sewer line. Lush or Sunken Yard Areas: If there is a section of your yard where the grass is suddenly much greener and healthier than the surrounding area, or if you notice sunken patches, it could indicate a blocked sewer line associated with a damaged pipe and sewer line leak. A damaged sewer pipe may not leak when there is no blockage however if a blockage occurs the backed-up wastewater inside the sewer line has nowhere to go so it finds its way out through sewer pipe defects into the environment outside the sewer pipe underground. Sewage leakage can fertilize the soil, causing lush growth, or it may erode the ground, creating sunken spots. If you suspect a blocked sewer line based on any of these signs, it is essential to address the issue promptly. Many homeowners ignore blocked drain symptoms in the hope the issue may correct itself however sewer line blockages normally do not go away on their own and if ignored can escalate leading to much bigger drain issues, significant sewer pipe and property damage and health hazards if left untreated. Sewer lines do not have any moving parts which means regular servicing is generally not required so provided your sewer pipes are in proper working condition and you do not flush anything down there you shouldn't, it is very unlikely you will ever experience a blocked drain.

Drain Clearing Process

Blocked Drain Clearing Process for Sewer and Stormwater Drains in Sydney


Blocked Drain Assessment

We will assess your blocked drain based on the symptoms you are experiencing and determine the location of the sewer or stormwater system on your property. In the case of a sewer blockage, locate where your sewer line connects to the Sydney Water Sewer Main, and for a stormwater blockage locate the drains discharge point, estimate the location of the blockage, and locate a suitable access point.

blocked sewer pipe sydney nsw


Water Jetting Blocked Drains

After we have assessed the blocked drain and suitable access into your sewer line or stormwater drain system underground has been achieved, we will set up our water jetting equipment and clear the drain of all solid backed-up waste material using high-pressure water jet penetrating and flushing drain cleaning nozzles.

blocked drains plumber sydney nsw


CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

After your sewer line or stormwater drain has been cleared of all backed-up waste material, we will carry out a CCTV drain camera inspection to confirm and show you a clear drain. If the cause of the blockage was only an accumulation of waste material and the drain is not affected by tree root intrusions our work is finished.

Clearing a waste blockage is a 3-step process.

cctv drain camera inspection sydney nsw


Tree Root Drain Blockage

If our CCTV drain camera inspection shows your sewer line or stormwater drain is affected by tree root intrusions, we will use high-pressure water jet root cutting nozzles to cut, remove and flush away any root growth from inside the drain and carry out a second camera inspection with you to confirm the drain is clear of tree roots.

Clearing a tree root blockage is a 4-step process.

blocked drains sydney nsw

Drain & Fault Location

If your sewer or stormwater blockage was caused by broken, damaged or defective drainage pipes or tree root intrusions, we can electronically locate drains above ground and mark the exact position and depth of the problem area hidden below ground and supply recorded video or pictures of the drain camera inspection if requested.

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Need more information about our drain cleaning process?

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Are Tree Roots Blocking Your Drains?

We Remove Tree Roots That Other Plumbers Won't!

Drain Clearing Videos

Examples of Our Water Jet Drain Cleaning Work to Remove Tree Roots Blocking Drains

Videos below demonstrate our blocked drain clearing process showing before and after.

Why Choose Us

On time blocked drain plumber Sydney NSW

On-Time Appointments

As unblocking drains can be unpredictable at times, our 2-hour windowed appointments are designed to allow us the time to be on-time.

Experienced blocked drain Plumber Sydney NSW

Unmatched Drainage Experience

Established for over 60 years in the drain clearing business has enabled us to develop ways of doing things that the competition hasn't thought of yet.

Blocked drains clearing technology Plumber Sydney NSW

Cutting-Edge Technology

Being true Sydney blocked drain specialists ensures we stay up to date with the latest maintenance and diagnostic tools and drainage technology.

Licenced blocked drain Plumber Sydney NSW

Licensed Local Plumbers

We will provide a licensed Plumber with a minimum 40 years of experience which guarantees you get a professional that knows exactly what he is doing.

CCTV drain camera inspection Sydney NSW

Fully Insured To Protect You & Your Home

Insurance is something that most homeowners don't normally think about. For your peace of mind, we are fully covered with 20 million dollars public liability insurance.

Client Testimonials

Having great relationships with clients means never putting them on the spot for online reviews. Businesses should never expect or encourage someone else's feedback in return for the service they provide. Giving our clients an unconditional extraordinary experience is the best way to get positive, unbiased critique about our business. In this way we receive unsolicited and unexpected client testimonials through the post or via email.   

Mark Carberry
PO Box 74
Frenchs Forest
Sydney NSW 1640
Re: Relining of a 100mm sewer line at 6 Canberra Crescent East Lindfield
Dear Mark,
Just a short note to thank you for the immaculate job you did on our property last week fixing our blocked drains issue. You not only explained what had to be done in a very clear and concise way, but you and your assistant carried out the tree roots removal process and subsequent pipe relining and repair of our sewer line in a very professional and efficient manner.
Thanks for the receipt you sent in the mail plus thanks also for the fantastic USB with film footage with your drain camera inspection of the pipe relining job you and your assistant so expertly completed. I have two doctors in this home (wife and daughter) who were very impressed by what you were doing, and they compared this technology to the similar heart surgery techniques that so many Australians have benefited from when they get blocked arteries.
After working in testing laboratories for over 30 years I appreciated the skills you used on this job and the precision of it all.
I would be pleased to recommend DRAINS 'R' US and your services to any householder that needs these specialists blocked drain services in the future.
Robbie Geyer Signature

Kind regards

Robbie Geyer

Owner 6 Canberra Crescent

East Lindfield NSW 2070

pipe relining stormwater plumber Sydney NSW
Pipe relining specialists Sydney NSW

28 Albert Drive


NSW 2071

Mr. M. Carberry
Drains 'R' Us
P.O. Box 74
Frenchs Forest
NSW 1640

Dear Mark,

I enclose a cheque in settlement of your account.

Thank you for the documentation about our property and the area. After the pleasure of dealing with you, I shall hold the documentation for your use should any further works become necessary but given your thorough approach to clearing our blocked drains and pipe relining works, I shall be surprised if that should happen.

It is very unusual to deal with a plumbing contractor, who first demonstrates the full extent of the customer's drainage problems and then demonstrates how successful the finished corrective work has been. Your friendly, communicative and cooperative attitude has been greatly appreciated and I thank you, Stephen and Peter for it. The final result on the driveway is pleasing in its simplicity and neatness. That you were able to avoid excavating up the driveway is indeed a feather in your cap and a tribute to the innovative blocked drain clearing and pipe relining technology that you employ so professionally.

Thank you also for your kind gesture in absorbing the cost of the Council Road Opening Permit.

I am very pleased that I chose Drains 'R' Us to handle the extensive replacements and repairs to our stormwater and sewerage drainage systems. I would be most happy to recommend you to any prospective customer you may wish to refer to me.

Best regards
Charles Bean Signature

Charles Bean

Pipe relining sewer repairs Sydney NSW
Pipe relining experts Sydney NSW
sydney blocked drain plumbers nsw

Sydney's Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Specialists

We are highly experienced in hydro jetting all types of residential drains. Whether it is a stormwater blockage or blocked sewer line causing your toilet to back up or a kitchen sink, laundry tub, bath or shower clogged, we have you covered. North Shore residents can be assured we will have their drains cleared properly and back up and running in no time. When you choose us, North Shore locals know they are working with the very best blocked drains Sydney Plumbers that are committed to complete customer satisfaction and will be there when you need us.

blocked stormwater sydney plumber nsw

The Best Blocked Drain Plumbers On Sydney's North Shore for Over 60 Years

Based north of Sydney harbour, we exclusively service over 130 suburbs across the North Shore and the surrounding area. We have been providing professional sewer and stormwater blocked drain services to the Northern Beaches, Northern Suburbs, Upper North Shore and Lower North Shore area since 1959 and whether you are dealing with a sewer line or stormwater drain emergency or just need a good scheduled drain cleaning maintenance service to keep your pipes clear of tree root regrowth, you can be sure our service will be performed by an experienced, efficient, personable, and mature professional.

Blocked Drain Services

Blocked Drain Services Sydney

Water Jetting Blocked Drains

We clear blocked drains in using the latest water jet drain clearing technology to unblock sewer lines and stormwater drains. We use a wide range of specialised high-pressure water jetting, drain flushing and tree root cutting nozzles that enables us to deal with any type of sewer line or stormwater blockage you may have. We have cleared over 40,000 drain blockages.

water jet blocked drains sewer sydney nsw

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

CCTV drain cameras are a must have tool for Plumbers to visually inspect the inside of underground drainage pipes without the need to excavate. They are the fastest way to diagnose and find problems within a sewer line or stormwater drainage system such as damaged or defective pipes or tree root intrusions causing blocked drains.

cctv drain inspection services sydney nsw

Pipe, Fault & Drain Locating

Electronic pipe, fault and drain locators work in conjunction with CCTV drain cameras by receiving a radio signal transmitted from the CCTV drain camera head positioned inside the underground sewer line or stormwater pipe. The receiver above ground translates the signal into accurate and very useful depth, direction, and location information on a digital display.

sewer drainpipe location sydney nsw

Electric Eel Drain Clearing

Although high-pressure water jet equipment has superseded its mechanical counterparts, electric eel drain clearing processes can be used to remove or dislodge metal, plastic, wooden or other foreign objects that find their way into the underground drainage system. We have been using mechanical electric eel drain clearing equipment since it was introduced into Australia in the late 1970's.

electric eel blocked drain clearing sydney nsw
sewer cleanout blocked drains sydney nsw

We Can Install One for You If Required.


"a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.”

Unlike other plumbing contractors in who claim to specialize in blocked drain and sewer services and then tell you they also change tap washers, we are true sewer, and stormwater plumbing "specialists". It is all we do, and we are very good at it! If you are experiencing a blocked sewer line such as a blocked toilet, basin, shower, laundry tub or kitchen sink or a blocked stormwater drain when it rains or tree roots growing into your pipes on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Northern Suburbs, Upper North Shore, or Lower North Shore, rest assured, we can help.

Unblocking Drains Is Our Business!

Blocked drain Plumber North Shore Sydney NSW

A Word from the Business Owner - Mark

I understand that many homeowners would just prefer their blocked drains cleared properly by a licensed Plumber and maintain them with preventive drain maintenance rather than overpaying for a substandard drain cleaning service and then in many cases being upsold an unnecessary and most likely overpriced drainage repair. I have hundreds of regular clients who trust me to continue to maintain their drains for that reason. If you have been advised by another Plumber that your drain requires repairing or renewing, I can provide a second opinion by giving an unbiased assessment of the condition of your drains and honest professional advice regarding what options you have. In many cases I have been able to save homeowners thousands of dollars in unnecessary drainage work.

sewer blockage plumber sydney nsw

A Great Advantage!

DRAINS 'R' US offers you a great advantage, we are honest sewer and stormwater blocked drain specialists and do not hoodwink homeowners with deceptive bait advertising or blocked drain scams to up-sell drainage repairs because we are experienced licensed professionals, not scummy salesmen disguised as one, so we are not going to talk you into any unnecessary work because getting your drains cleared properly is what we focus on. We have over 60 years of drainage knowhow and use the latest in high-pressure water jetting, CCTV drain inspection and electronic drain locating technology to unblock sewer lines and stormwater drains and can clean your drains more thoroughly than any other Plumber in the business and keep them clear, so you will not have to invest more money on expensive and most likely overpriced drain repairs or renewals.

blocked drain northern beaches nsw


We Service Sydney's Northern Beaches suburbs from Manly in the south to Mona Vale in the North.

blocked drain northern suburbs nsw


We Service Sydney's Northern suburbs from Gladesville in the south to Thornleigh in the North.


We Service Sydney's Upper North Shore suburbs from Linfield in the south to Mount Colah in the North.

blocked drain lower north shore nsw


Service Sydney's Lower North Shore suburbs from Kirribilli in the south to Chatswood in the North.

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Blocked toilet plumber Sydney NSW
  • Blocked Sewer Line

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  • Pipe Relining Services

  • Family Owned & Operated

  • Established Over 60 Years

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  • Friendly Personal Service

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  • Based On the North Shore

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