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CCTV Drain Inspection

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Drain Camera Inspections

Drain Pipe Inspections Sydney

CCTV drain camera inspections in Sydney are carried out to visually inspect the condition of the inside of underground drainage lines such as sewer pipes and stormwater drains. Any faults, damaged pipework or tree root intrusions can be visually identified and then accurately located above ground using an electronic locator and if requested the work can be documented by digital recording to a USB flash drive.​ Sewer and stormwater CCTV drain camera inspections can also be used to locate drainage pipes for new building work such as renovations, building extensions, granny flats, and swimming pools and to locate cleanout access points for blocked drain and sewer pipe drain clearing.

CCTV drain inspection Sydney NSW

Visual Drain Inspections Eliminate The Guesswork

Confirming A Clear Drain

CCTV drain camera inspections are also used with high-pressure water jets or electric eels when clearing and cleaning blocked sewer pipes and stormwater drains by enabling the Plumber to accurately position drain clearing water jet nozzles or mechanical root cutting heads in the exact position required inside the pipework to achieve maximum cutting and cleaning results, which also saves time. Visually inspecting the inside of a blocked drain after drain clearing will confirm the drain has been cleaned thoroughly and all the blockage and other debris causing the issue has been removed.

Video & Picture Recording

CCTV drain inspection video and picture recording is not considered an essential part of blocked drain clearing. For waste blockages or regular drain servicing to remove tree root regrowth recording video of the work is not normally required. For whatever reason, if you do require video recording of any CCTV drain inspection we carry out, we will record our work and supply the video recording and pictures on USB flash drive if requested.

cctv drain camera inspection video sydney nsw
CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

CCTV Drain Inspections & Blocked Drains

Is your Plumber using a CCTV drain camera when clearing your blocked sewer line or stormwater drain?


Clearing a blocked drain is a manual cleaning process. All manual cleaning processes require constant visual confirmation and further visual inspection after the procedure to ensure the cleaning process has been carried out correctly and thoroughly.


Here are some examples of service providers that need to continually inspect their work during and after the procedure to ensure the process has been carried out correctly. It is reasonable to expect the customer would also carry out a visual inspection of the finished work to ensure they are getting what they have paid for.  

  • Home cleaning business

  • Vehicle detailing business

  • Window cleaning business

  • Carpet cleaning business

  • Dry cleaning business

  • House washing business

  • Pool cleaning business


Unlike the sewer and drain cleaning business, the above cleaning businesses do not need specialised visual inspection equipment to ensure the process has been carried out correctly because the objects they are cleaning are above ground and can be seen with the naked eye. You would be surprised and alarmed if any of these businesses carried out their work with a blind fold on! It would also be reasonable to expect that if they did the quality of their work would be of a substandard quality resulting in short term results and an unhappy customer. Well, clearing a blocked underground sewer line or stormwater drain without using CCTV drain camera inspection equipment to continually monitor the clearing process to confirm the work has been carried out correctly is doing just that!


Plumbers or Drainers who do not use CCTV drain camera inspection equipment or do not use it correctly when clearing blocked drains will experience a high degree of “call backs” by homeowners due to not clearing the drain thoroughly resulting in shorter term recurring blockages particularly when the blockage was caused by tree root intrusions.


Simple waste blockages are easy to clear, so a quick CCTV camera inspection is only needed to confirm the drain is clear and no tree root intrusions are present however if the cause of the blocked drain is tree roots and a CCTV drain camera is not used the Plumber won't know that there are tree root intrusions growing inside the pipe and so it will be highly unlikely that all the tree roots at the point of blockage will be removed and any additional tree root affected sections of pipe upstream or downstream within the sewer line or stormwater drain will also go undetected resulting in short term recurring blockages and an unhappy customer. Just clearing the drain only and seeing water and a hand full of toilet paper flushing away is no guarantee that the drain has been cleared properly or tree roots have been completely removed! 

Benefits Of CCTV Drain Inspection

Onboard transmitter allows for accurate location, depth, and direction information

Blocked sewers and drains are cleared more thoroughly when using a drain camera

Drain cameras are used to identify and remove tree roots impacting drains

Drain inspections to monitor pipes and tree root regrowth will avoid blockages

Video recording of drain camera inspections is supplied on USB flash drive 

A selection of camera head pipe guides and accessories to suit various pipe sizes

Self-levelling camera technology assures you are always seeing an upright picture

Drain inspections can be performed up to 100 metres from a cleanout entry point

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