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Drain & Fault Location

Locating underground drains used to be a frustrating and time consuming process requiring a lot of guess work and in many cases unnecessary excavation.

Today we use electronic locators to locate sewer and stormwater drains. In addition to locating the exact position of the drain we can also provide accurate direction and depth information of the underground pipe network. With this detailed information we can provide very accurate location information for main lines, branch lines, junctions, sewer connection points, inspection openings and shafts, concealed stormwater pits, boundary shafts, pipe faults and tree root intrusion location just to name a few. 

Benefits Of Electronic Drain Location

  • Sewer pipes and drains can be traced through concrete slabs, earth, footpaths and roads

  • Drain location eliminates any guess work when finding sewer lines and stormwater drains

  • Once the target or issue has been visually identified electronic location verifies its position

  • Location information is essential when locating suitable sewer and stormwater access points

  • Drain location equipment can locate earthenware, cast iron, copper and PVC sewer or stormwater pipes

  • Drain and pipe location equipment produces fast accurate results by pinpointing the cause of drain blockages

  • Locating sewer and stormwater drains will prevent service damage due to building and excavation activities

When all you do is clear blocked drains, you get very good at it!

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