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Electronic drain locating sewer stormwater Sydney NSW

Electronic Drain Locating

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Drain & Fault Location

Locating underground sewer pipes and stormwater drains used to be a frustrating and time-consuming process requiring a lot of guess work and in many cases unnecessary excavation. Today we use electronic locators to find sewer lines and stormwater drainage. In addition to locating the exact position of the underground drain above ground we can also provide direction and depth information. With this detailed information we can supply accurate location information for reflux valves, Junctions, cleanouts (CO), main drains, branch drains, Sydney Water main line sewer connections, inspection openings (IO), and shafts, concealed stormwater pits, faults and damage pipes and tree root intrusion locations just to name a few.

Blocked drain, sewer and pipe location services Sydney NSW



Locate damaged broken sewer stormwater drain pipe Sydney NSW

Accurate Drain Location

Our CCTV drain cameras operate a small transmitter installed inside the camera head assembly which transmits a signal back to ground level where we can accurately determine using an electronic locator the location, depth, and direction of the pipework we are visually inspecting. With this visual and location information, we can not only show you the problem but also give you the information to answer all your questions and give us the information to accurately determine the best and most cost-effective solutions. Without a doubt, electronic locators are one of the best costs and labour-saving devises ever invented.

Sewer drain location Sydney NSW

When To Locate Drains

Drain location work is not considered an essential part of blocked drain clearing unless we need to find a hidden, buried, or concealed access point such as an Inspection Opening (IO), Inspection Shaft (IS) or Cleanout (CO). For waste blockages or regular drain servicing to remove tree root regrowth, location work is normally not required. For a blocked drain caused by tree root intrusions drain location work is beneficial if the homeowner wants to carry out drainage repairs or renewals due to damaged or defective pipes or installing Cleanouts (CO) or sometimes the homeowner just wants to know the location of the issue for curiosity's sake. For whatever reason it is we can supply accurate location, depth, and direction information.

Locate underground sewer line Sydney NSW

Drain Locating Applications

We carry out drain location services for sewer lines and stormwater drains for a variety of reasons for our clients.

  • New drainage for renovations and extensions

  • Locating drains for granny flat connections

  • Drain relocations and alterations

  • Installation of pools and backwash gullies

  • Diagnosing and locating damaged drains

  • Locating tree root intrusion points

  • Locating foreign objects flushed down drains 

  • Installing or locating hidden sewer cleanouts

  • Locating buried inspection shafts and openings

  • Locating sewer reflux valves and boundary shafts

Stormwater drain location Sydney NSW
Electronic sewer drain location Sydney NSW
Electronic drain locating Sydney NSW

Benefits of Electronic Drain Locating

Sewer pipes and drains can be traced through concrete slabs, earth, footpaths and roads

Electronic location eliminates guess work when finding sewer and stormwater drains

Once the issue has been visually identified electronic location verifies its position

Location information is essential when finding sewer cleanout and IO access points

Sonde transmitter allows for accurate location, depth, and direction information

Location equipment can locate clay, cast iron and PVC sewer or stormwater pipes

Pipe location produces fast accurate results by pinpointing the cause of drain blockages

Locating sewer drains will prevent damage due to building and excavation activities

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