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Mechanical Drain Cleaning

Although high pressure water jets have now become the main tool of choice when it comes to clearing and cleaning blocked sewer pipes and stormwater drains in Sydney electric eels still play an important role in drainage maintenance.

Mechanical sewer and drain clearing will come in handy when an area is already flooded and adding large volumes of extra water to the area by using a water jet could make the flooding worse causing further water damage.

Also, electric eels on occasions can clear a blocked drain when a water jet cannot. We have been using electric eels in Sydney since their introduction into the plumbing industry over 40 years ago.

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Benefits Of Electric Eel Drain Clearing

clear blocked sewer pipe northern beaches nsw

Scheduled mechanical drain cleaning removes the need to carry out costly drain repairs

clear blocked sewer pipe northern suburbs nsw

A selection of augers, spades and sawtooth cutters to suit any type of blocked drain

clear blocked sewer pipe upper north shore nsw

Electric Eel drain cleaning equipment is designed for sewer and stormwater drains

clear blocked sewer pipe lower north shore nsw

Electric eels can be used to retrieve or remove foreign objects lodged inside drains

electric eel blocked drain clearing sydney nsw

Mechanical drain cleaning cables can be electronically traced inside drain pipes

unblock drains electric eel sydney nsw

Electric Eel drain clearing is effective over long sewer and stormwater drains

clogged stormwater pipe clearing sydney nsw

Electric Eels are particularly effective on sewer lines blocked by tree root intrusions

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Powerful drain clearing to cut through common blockages which occur in drains

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